Aerial view of buildings in Seoul during sunset, one of the cheapest places to fly abroad from the USA

37 Cheapest Places to Fly Around the World (For Americans)

As a former flight attendant, I understand how to find the cheapest places to fly and where the best places to find deals are. In this post, I’ll share 37 dirt cheap places to fly around the world.

A general hack is to sign up for flight alerts with (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) and catch deals for specific destinations that you want to visit. 

Flexibility is key with budget flying, being open to different times of year and flight routes. Remember to use aggregator sites to look for affordable flights like Skyscanner and Cheapflights, but avoid booking through third-party sites. Booking directly through the airline’s websites is a good idea because if something goes wrong with the flight you will have access to customer service directly through the airline.

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37 Cheapest Places to Fly Around the World from the US

Costa Rica 

Scenic view from the Manzanillo beach in Costa Rica
Wild Caribbean beach of Costa Rica – Manzanillo

Costa Rica is a beautiful vacation spot with amazing volcano hikes, lush forests and beaches perfect for learning how to surf. One current trend there is tree houses. It’s part of an effort to conserve the local forests and makes for a great option for accommodations.

While it is very easy to find cheap flights to get to Costa Rica, you will need to do some planning to keep the cost of your stay down. There are plenty of budget accommodation options and beautiful nature to explore, but it is easy to overspend on excursions if you are not careful. 

Some budget airlines to consider are SouthWest Airlines, JetBlue, Spirit Airlines, and surprisingly Alaska Airlines which does flights out of LAX. The two major airports are in San Jose and Liberia 

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Aerial view of a beach at Yelapa in Mexico
This image shows the beach at Yelapa in Mexico (Near Puerto Vallarta)

Puerto Vallarta is one of the cheapest places to fly in Mexico in part due to the wide range of airlines that fly there. Aeromexico, Spirit Airlines, Alaska Airlines, VivaAerobus, and oddly enough Air New Zealand all operate cheap flights from many domestic airports. This makes it very easy to find flight deals.  

Beach days are top of mind when it comes to affordable things to do in Puerto Vallarta. Along with free walking tours, there are also lots of gorgeous street art.  Explore the amazing boardwalk right on the water called the Malecon. 

Flying with only a carry-on is one of the best ways to minimize costs on budget airlines. Here are my top 16 Carry On Packing Tips.

Manila, Philippines 

Aerial view of the skyline in Manila, Philippines
Manila skyline, Philippines

The capital city of the Philippines is one of the cheapest cities you can visit on this list. Rizal Park is a massive park that is beautiful to explore that includes many interesting historic monuments. Another great way to save money and explore local culture is street food. 

There are plenty of cheap destinations within the Philippines to visit, and plenty of hostels and affordable transportation to get you around. It is easy to find flight deals; some airlines to check out are Philippine Airlines, EVA Air, Cathay Pacific, and China Airlines.   

Panama City, Panama 

View from the outside of a Colonial buildings in Casco Viejo, Panama City
Colonial buildings in Casco Viejo (Old Town) of Panama City

This is one of the more interesting and cheapest places to fly from the US. Copa Airlines, Avianca, United Airlines, and Spirit Airlines all have pretty frequent flight deals from US airports. Panama has plenty of cheap places to visit outside of the city itself.

Areas outside of Panama City will be more affordable, but since this is where the airport is located anyway, I think it’s worth spending a couple of days exploring the city. A beautiful area to explore is Casco Viejo, a Unesco Heritage Site with plenty of restaurants and bars to explore. Another easy destination is hiking Ancon Hill. Cheap and delicious food can easily be found at Mercado de Mariscos. 

Montreal, Canada

View of people wandering in Old Montreal
Junction of Rue Saint-Paul and Rue Saint-Vincent in the Old Montreal (photo: Ronnie Chua / Shutterstock)

Montreal is one of the cheapest cities I have found to visit. Accommodations tend to be affordable as is eating out. There are plenty of art galleries and museums to visit,  plus a vibrant nightlife. 

Walking tours are an inexpensive way to see Old Montreal and the Latin District is full of great food, clubs, and cool bars.  Food is an essential part of a visit to Montreal; with excellent patisseries, delis dating back to the 1950s, and some of my absolute favorite food markets, there is no shortage of options for exploring food culture. 

Another great thing about visiting Montreal is the virtually endless number of festivals that happen in Montreal. From jazz to comedy, writers, and theater there is almost always something interesting going on. 

Montreal has one major international airport that is outside of the city, but easy to access via transit. Good options for finding deals are to look at JetBlue and Porter and you can sometimes find cheap fares on United and Air Canada.  

Cancun, Mexico

Aerial view of a beach in Cancun, Mexico
An aerial image of a beach in Cancun, Mexico

If you are looking for gorgeous beaches and good food it is hard to go wrong with a trip to Cancun. While there is a strong nightlife for people who are looking for a good night out, there are also amazing Maya cultural sites within easy reach of Cancun. The great thing about vacations here is there is something for everyone. 

It is very easy to find affordable accommodations in Cancun and because it’s such a popular destination, flight deals are also easy to find. JetBlue, Spirit Airlines, and Southwest Airlines all offer nonstop routes from many major American airports. 

If you get a chance, some incredible nature excursions are relatively affordable. There are underwater caves you can explore, hikes, and snorkeling spots. 

Bangkok, Thailand

Overlooking view of buildings in Bangkok during dusk
Cityscape in middle of Bangkok, Thailand

Depending on your departure airport you can find surprisingly cheap flights to Bangkok from the US. Some airlines to look at for deals are  Korean Air, China Airlines, Japan Air, and Malaysian Airlines. Once you arrive you will find Thailand is one of the cheapest countries to travel through. There are so many cheap places to stay, even in Bangkok itself. 

The street food in Bangkok is second to none and the nightlife is incredible. When you think of Thailand you may think of sandy beaches and beautiful blue water. But this amazing urban destination is well worth your time as a final destination. 

Most of the flights to this area of the world involve a layover so check out my list of 26 Fun Things to Pass the Time.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

People enjoying their day on an outdoor cafe in Fort Lauderdale
Outdoor cafe at Fort Lauderdale in Florida (photo: Kamira / Shutterstock)

Fort Lauderdale is a popular destination on Florida’s Atlantic coast; there are plenty of beaches and sunshine to be enjoyed in the bustling city. As a major cruise ship hub, cheap flights abound year-round as budget airlines compete for business. Further inland the Riverwalk makes for a beautiful night out. There are lots of open-air cafes and restaurants along the beachfront. Many of which remain affordable despite their excellent views. 

South Florida is also easily explored from Fort Lauderdale. It is less than an hour to Miami or West Palm Beach. The Florida Keys are also an easy hour and a half drive from Fort Lauderdale. If you want to venture further afield Orlando is just a few hours’ drive from downtown Fort Lauderdale.  

The port in Fort Lauderdale called Everglades Port is also an attraction all on its own. Due to its depth and proximity to the Caribbean many of the world’s mega cruise ships dock here regularly. You can often see these floating cities up close or from one of the parks around the port where people gather to watch these ships go in and out of Fort Lauderdale. They are a sight to behold.  

Mexico City, Mexico

Overlooking view of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe from the outside in Mexico City
Cupolas of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe and cityscape of Mexico City

Aside from the amazing food and culture of Mexico City, one of my favorite things about this city is the long list of free things to do. Aside from the incredible murals and art that are scattered throughout the city you can go hiking right in the city at Ajusco National Park. Though I recommend trying this on a weekday when it is less crowded. 

A historical walking tour through Centro Historico (a Unesco World Heritage Site) is a must while visiting Mexico City. There are plenty of options to choose from, though I always enjoy one that includes some suggestions on where to get the best food. Another must in Mexico City is to eat as much as you want. With all the hiking and walking you will be doing you will have earned every bite of delicious food the city has to offer. 

For the more budget-minded traveler places like El Huequito, are literally hole in the wall places that make amazing fusion tacos. Vegan and vegetarian options are also easy to find as these dietary requirements often overlap with local cuisine.

Bogota, Columbia

View of people at the La Candelaria in Bogota
La Candelaria, the historic center of Bogotá (photo: Gabriel Leonardo Guerrero / Shutterstock)

Bogota is an excellent introduction to traveling in South America and a very budget-friendly city. This capital city has tons of free walking tours that range from historical and cultural tours to graffiti. On Sundays, much of the city becomes car-free and the streets are filled with market stalls, street food, and Flea Markets. This is also the best day to take advantage of the bike rental shops which will only cost you a few dollars to explore the wider city.  

Some of the best museums in the country are located in Bogota, and they are very affordable. I recommend trying to do these on a weekday as they are far less crowded. 

Finding cheap flights to Bogota is fairly straightforward. Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, LATAM, and Avianca all fly year-round.

Seoul, South Korea

Aerial view of buildings in Seoul during sunset
Seoul City Skyline (photo: CJ Nattanai / Shutterstock)

Explore the neighborhoods of Seoul and focus less on the attractions 

For food options consider Baekban (small home cooking style) restaurants to help keep your food costs down along with street food. Cash comes in handy so make sure you have some on hand as most places will have credit card fees. Hostels are popular here so finding budget accommodations is fairly straightforward.  

Cheap flight deals can be found in Seoul from most major airports in the US, though it is easier to find cheap flights from the west coast. EVA Air, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Philippine Airlines generally offer the best deals to get from the US to South Korea. 

Toronto, Canada

Panoramic view of the skyline in Toronto
Toronto sunset over lake panorama with urban skyline

Toronto is a fun city to visit. I lived here for several years and was always discovering new areas to explore. Accommodations are expensive but with affordable flights and lots of direct flights it can still be a good option for a budget vacation destination. 

There are two main airports, with Pearson International Airport being the busiest airport. There is also Billy Bishop which is a smaller airport conveniently located downtown. If you can find a good flight deal with Porter I recommended flying in and out of this airport. Otherwise JetBlue and Flair both operate direct flights out of Pearson.

The cheapest places to eat tend to be in Chinatown and Korea town. These are also attached to trendy areas and the food is very good. If you are looking for the best cafes, The Annex is a safe bet, and this area also has some affordable restaurants. There are plenty of places to explore on foot like the Distillery District and Old Toronto. With lots of free or cheap walking tours, you can explore lots of the city without spending a dime. A short transit ride and you can be in my favorite area of the city called the Beaches. This area has lots of independent restaurants, bakeries, and a beautiful beach boardwalk and parks to explore while taking in the natural beauty of Lake Ontario. 

Nashville, Tennessee

View of neon signs at night on Broadway in Nashville
On Broadway in Nashville at night (photo: Erwin Widmer / Shutterstock)

If you are looking for a fun domestic destination with good food, fun atmosphere, and cheap flights look no further than Nashville, also known as Music City. All the major airlines fly here like Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, but the budget airlines also make Nashville a priority.

The best way to find cheap flight deals on domestic flights like this is to use flight search engines, not just google flights but ones like Kayak, Skyscanner, and FlightHub. These will make it much easier to find cheaper flights. 

Due to it being such a popular destination for budget travelers there are so many cheap places to stay in Nashville. Hotels can be affordable depending on when you book, but alternative accommodations are also super popular like Airbnb.  

Montego Bay, Jamaica

View of people and a lifeguard tower at the Doctor's Cave Beach Club
Doctor’s Cave Beach Club, Montego Bay

Montego Bay is located on the Northwest Coast of Jamaica. This area of the country is full of history and natural beauty. While the city itself has the nation’s busiest airport and a big cruise terminal, the surrounding area quickly gives way to small villages and large well-preserved plantation houses. Not to mention the beautiful beaches that stretch along the coast.  

Montego Bay is often one of the cheapest places to fly from many large American airports. While it is possible to save money booking your own flights and hotels, Caribbean travel is one of the few times where I recommend looking at travel packages. It is often the easiest way to find the best deals on flights and accommodations.  

San Juan, Puerto Rico

View of colorful houses in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Colorful houses line the hillside overlooking the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico

While not the cheapest beach destination with a bit of planning and a cheap flight San Juan can make a great budget vacation. With several good hostel options, there are plenty of cheap places to stay. Fun events like pub crawls, walking tours and bike hires often operate directly out of the hostel making them a good option for solo travelers as well as groups. 

San Juan is full of interesting neighborhoods to explore, as well as live music. The beach is easily accessible from the city and is a great place to spend a relaxing afternoon or try water sports like kitesurfing. Street food is abundant as well as delicious. It is also a good way to save money in the city. 

There are lots of historical sites within the city to visit, as well as gorgeous botanical gardens. San Juan has something to catch everyone’s interest. Spirit Airlines, Frontier, and Alaska Airlines all fly here so check with a good flight search engine to find the cheapest flights. 

Melbourne, Australia

View of buildings and a bridge in Melbourne
Cityscape image of Melbourne

Melbourne is a city of many faces. With a strong food and coffee culture there are also plenty of charming suburbs that range from Italian, Vietnamese, and Ethiopian all with their unique charms. The city itself is affordable to visit with lots of art galleries and museums open to the public free of charge. Free walking tours, Botanical Gardens as well as charming historical trams that will take you along the waterfront there is no shortage of free and cheap adventures. 

In terms of finding cheap flights, the good news is Melbourne is served by many mainline and discount airlines. Depending on your departure airport the cheapest flights tend to be with Fiji Airways, Qantas Airways, Air New Zealand, and Cathay Pacific (east coast). 

Flight times to Australia are no joke so try out  some of these 48 Long Haul Flight Tips (to help you survive)

Vancouver, Canada

Aerial view of the Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver, Canada
View of False Creek and the Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver remains one of my favorite Canadian cities to visit. You have ocean and mountain views from most parts of the cities. It is hard not to fall in love with the natural beauty surrounding the city. 

There is a cliche that people in Vancouver ski in the morning and head to the beach in the afternoon. While I don’t personally know anyone who does it, it is a cliche because it’s possible. You are about a half hour away from some of the best skiing in the country and the beaches are easily accessible. 

The weather on the west coast of Canada is temperate making it an affordable and pleasant vacation spot even in the winter. Cheap flights are easily found as Vancouver International Airport is a major hub. Alaska Airlines, Westjet, and Flair all operate cheap flights out of US airports.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 

Scenic view at the Bavaro in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana offers an affordable and hassle-free way to travel on a budget. This is one of the few destinations where it is worth looking at vacation packages as a cheap way to do a low-stress vacation. If you are an experienced backpacker there are hostels available in Punta Cana and it is possible to find super cheap roundtrip flights on airlines like Spirit, Viva Aerobus, and Frontier.   

There are many reasons to visit this part of the island. It has some of the best beaches in the world. Small beach towns and local culture are easily explored off the main resort strips. Hiking and water sports are extremely common here, making it a great destination for beach bums and adventurers alike. 


The flag of Honduras and an overlooking view of the Tegucigalpa
Flag of Honduras in Tegucigalpa

As far as beautiful tropical vacations go, Honduras is a cheap destination to travel around. Hostels are easy to find in places like Santa Rosa de Copán, Roatán, and Utila. There are also plenty of private rooms in budget hotels that are low cost. Utila is probably one of the least expensive areas to visit. Make sure you bring cash in the local currency as credit cards are only accepted at higher end hotels. Traveling during the low season (June to November) can save you a lot of money. But avoid September and October as they tend to be the rainiest months. 

Honduras has four international airports, three of which are easy to fly to from the US. They are located in different areas of the country so it’s worth looking at all of them for low fares, but pay attention to what you want to do once you get to Honduras as each area offers a different experience. The cheapest flights tend to be into San Pedro Sula as more budget airlines operate into that airport. 

San Francisco, California 

View of people at night in Pier 39 at Fisherman's Wharf
Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco (photo: Tiago Pestana / Shutterstock)

While the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most expensive areas in the US to live, visiting this vibrant part of the country does not have to break the bank. 

Check Oakland International Airport, not just San Francisco International, for the cheapest flights. Public transit is your friend in San Francisco, while it is a beautiful city to walk around, eventually those hills will get to you and the transit system is extensive and easy to navigate. 

If you are set on doing many of the main tourist attractions consider getting a Tourist Pass. Do the math though because if you don’t use it enough you end up spending more than you need to. Another important tip is to eat at the smaller streetside places. San Francisco like Toronto and New York has a strong line culture. This means if there is a big line outside a deli, dim sum shop or taco place, chances are there is some delicious and affordable food waiting for you at the end of that line. 

Guatemala City, Guatemala 

View of colorful Colonial architecture in Antigua Guatemala city
Colonial architecture in ancient Antigua Guatemala city, Central America, Guatemala

This city in Central America is a great entry point into a captivating country. Guatemala is rich in natural beauty, Maya culture, and ancient ruins. The beauty of Guatemala is matched only by its abundance of budget-friendly options. Hostels abound all over the country and are some of the most beautiful in the world, with jungle lodgings and lakeside retreats run as hostels. 

Street food is extremely popular and delicious in this part of the world. Tortilla shops are ubiquitous, but keep in mind many of them close at noon. Other stands and restaurants are open much later and generally, street food can be found any time of day or night. 

Guatemala is also one of the cheapest places to fly in Central America from the US. Spirit Airlines, Aeromexico, Volaris, and Avianca all operate cheap flights to Guatemala City.  


View of people enjoying their day on a City Beach at Nassau
City Beach At Nassau, The Bahamas

There are two major international airports you can fly into the Bahamas, Freeport, and Nassau. I highly recommend checking both to find the cheapest flight from your closest airport. Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and American Airlines operate most of the cheapest flights to the Bahamas from most domestic airports. As always do your research and use aggregator sites like google flights to find the best flight deals.   

You need to do some planning to do the Bahamas on a budget. Accommodations can get expensive but hostels are available. 

Paradise Island, while expensive to stay in, is easy to visit for a day and the beaches are public access, plus the people-watching here is second to none. In the late afternoon the Atlantis Gardens and Aquarium open up free of charge and are well worth a visit. 

Most beaches in the Cable Beach area are publicly available and gorgeous which makes it a great spot to stay and explore. Also eating at a local fish fry is a good way to enjoy local food at an affordable price. 

Hanoi, Vietnam

Aerial view of the Cau Giay park in Hanoi, Vietnam
Aerial view of Cau Giay park, west of Hanoi

Flight prices fluctuate depending on the time of year but you can generally find the best flight deals through Singapore Airlines, EVA Air, and Asiana Airlines from most major airports. 

Hanoi is at once one of the cheapest places you can visit and a fascinating city. There is so much to see and do and it’s easy to stick to a budget. 

Exploring the old quarter you can see the Chinese Vietnamese and French cultural influence and get around by walking. Street food is abundant and delicious. There are plenty of free cultural sites to visit like the Presidential Palace and Hoan Kiem Lake. Entrance to museums and art galleries is not free but usually costs under 2$. 

San Diego, California 

View of people at the Mission Beach boardwalk under the clear blue sky
Mission Beach boardwalk, a concrete walkway shared by walkers and bicyclists spanning 3-1/2 miles in total length (photo: Sherry V Smith / Shutterstock)

San Diego has a gorgeous 70-mile stretch of beaches to visit and enjoy. There are also plenty of areas downtown with free public art installations and massive murals. It is also easy to get to Torrey Pines State Reserve where hiking trails offer ocean vistas. 

Another great way to save money while still enjoying San Diego is by eating at smaller local places like taco shops, food trucks, and burger joints. Affordable accommodations require some creativity and planning but there are plenty of budget hotels and Airbnbs available in many areas of San Diego. 

The advantage of choosing domestic destinations for your budget vacation is that they are often the cheapest places to fly and all budget airlines take advantage of domestic flights. Going into San Diego your options include Spirit Airlines, Southwest, Frontier, and the list goes on. Make sure you use an aggregate site to find the cheapest flights.  

Las Vegas, Nevada

Aerial view at the Las Vegas Strip at night
Illuminated view of Bellagio Hotel fountains and Las Vegas strip (photo: Zhukova Valentyna / Shutterstock)

Las Vegas is one of those domestic destinations where it is easy to find cheap flights especially if you live on the west coast. All the budget airlines fly here year-round. A good tip for keeping accommodation costs down is to go in the low season (February and April). 

There is no silver bullet solution to affordable accommodations in Las Vegas. Sometimes you can get a room at one of the major resorts for an absolute steal, other times it’s best to go with one of the budget hotels off the Stripe. Las Vegas is just one of those destinations where you have to do your research and be patient to find the best deals. 

The nice thing about Las Vegas is once you are there you do not have to spend much money to explore the best sights. Wandering around the Grand Canal Shops or seeing the Fountains at the Bellagio are all free activities. I also really enjoy the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens inside the Bellagio. Fremont Street is a lot of fun and well worth a visit.

Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Scenic view of Saint Thomas USVI
Scenic Saint Thomas US Virgin Islands

Depending on where in the US you are it is very easy to find cheap flights to Saint Thomas. The big airports located in the eastern half of the US generally have multiple budget airlines operating to the Caribbean. Spirit, JetBlue, and Frontier all operate regular flights to Saint Thomas. 

While it is easy to find cheap flights to get to the US Virgin Islands, affordable accommodations will need to be booked well in advance to get the best deals in this tropical paradise. Airbnb is a good option, but camping for the more adventurous traveler is cheap. Local food is also really affordable if you stick to the smaller independent restaurants, food stalls, and food trucks. 

If you are going on an extended trip the neighboring British Virgin Islands make an affordable addition.  

Baltimore, Maryland

View of a building from the outside in Cathedral Street in Baltimore
Buildings on Cathedral Street in Baltimore, Maryland

This is one of the cheapest places to fly in the US as flight prices are consistently low. Spirit, JetBlue, Southwest, and Northwest Regional all operate with low fares into BWI.  

Fells Point is a beautiful historical area in Baltimore. There are many beautiful places to visit in Baltimore, the Inner Harbor is particularly cool. Walking around these areas is a great way to get a feel for the history of Baltimore without breaking the bank. With lots of food courts and interesting local restaurants, eating well and cheaply in Baltimore is not difficult. Make sure you allow some room in your budget to try their famous Maryland crab, it’s some of the best I have ever eaten.  

Syracuse, New York

Clear blue sky over the historic buildings and fountain in Downtown Syracuse
Downtown Syracuse New York with a view of historic buildings and fountain at Clinton Square

The cheapest flights operating into Syracuse are probably going to be Spirit Airlines. Flight prices will vary a fair amount depending on the time of year to check the aggregator sites to make sure you are getting the cheapest flight. Delta and American Airlines often run deals which can end up being cheaper than flying with budget airlines.  

The historic downtown of Syracuse is beautiful and easy to navigate. If you have a nice day Onondaga Lake Park has some spectacular views. Airbnb is very common and affordable in this charming city. Another site worth visiting is the Niagara Mohawk Building, it is a stunning example of art deco architecture from 1932.   

Calgary, Canada

Clear blue sky over the Memorial Park in Calgary
Memorial Park in Calgary, Alberta Canada

Westjet and Spirit are affordable airlines that fly into Calgary from many US airports. That said you can often get good deals into Calgary from Delta, United, and Air Canada. 

17th Ave SW is the trendiest area of the city with great restaurants and nightlife, but it remains an affordable place to have a great night out. For those more outdoorsy people, Calgary is an hour and a half from Banff National Park. The Rockies make for an incredible skiing holiday. Canmore does have some hostels and with creativity, you can have an affordable vacation in the beautiful mountains.  

Halifax, Canada

View of boats on a harbor in Halifax, Canada
Architecture of Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is a charming small city with lots of history and good food. With one of the busiest airports on the east coast of Canada, it is also very easy to get in and out of. For a city this size there are a surprising number of museums and cultural events. If you like well-brewed beer then you will fit in well as there is a long history of beer-making in this city. Alexander Keith was famously voted in as the 4th mayor of the city in 1852 because, well, he made good beer.  

A short ferry ride will take you across the harbor to Dartmouth which has blossomed in the last few years into a hipster’s paradise. Farmers’ markets, charming shops, and great coffee abound all within walking distance of the ferry terminal. 

Depending on where you are flying from in the US your best bet to find a cheap flight to Halifax is to look at Canadian discount airlines like Porter, Flair, and Swoop (Porter is the most comfortable of the three). Then cover any required domestic flights with something like Spirit. The major airlines that operate direct flights into Halifax like Air Canada and American Airlines do sometimes have really good deals so it is worth keeping an eye on those prices. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina 

View of people and a colorful building at the El Caminito, Buenos Aires
A colorful building in El Caminito, Buenos Aires, Argentina (photo: Erwin Widmer / Shutterstock)

While Argentina is generally an exciting place to take your next adventure, Buenos Aires specifically is a great place to visit and start an adventure in South America. It is fairly easy to get a cheap flight from most major US Airports. LATAM, Avianca, and Delta (sometimes) have good deals going on pretty much year-round.   

Hostels are a budget-friendly option and the city has plenty of cheap destinations to visit. There are tons of art exhibitions and historical sights to see just by walking through the many neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. With a bit of research, you will also likely be able to find some free festivals and concerts that won’t cost you anything to see.

Hong Kong

View of people and neon lights at the Tsim Sha Tsui street
Neon lights on Tsim Sha Tsui street (photo: TungCheung / Shutterstock)

Japan Airlines, Korean Air, EVA Air, and Delta all offer affordable flights to Hong Kong. It is also worth checking out Cathay Pacific because they do offer good deals on indirect flights. Another reason to consider Hong Kong is that once you are there, affordable accommodations abound. Budget hotels and hostels are both popular options. 

It is also an easy city to explore on a budget, with free walking tours, museums, market streets, and some of the best street food in the world. Kowloon Park is a must-see for a good afternoon. There are also plenty of cheap destinations to visit within a day’s travel of the city. Sites like the Po Lin Monastery in the Lantau hills are only an hour and a half on public transit from central Hong Kong.   

Brisbane, Australia

View of buildings in Brisbane and the Brisbane river
Brisbane city skyline and Brisbane river

Brisbane is one of the cheapest places to fly from the US to this part of the world. Fiji Airways

and United Airways consistently have low fares. Delta and other major airlines often run deals so make sure you shop around. As far as cheap flight destinations Brisbane has the additional advantage of having a thriving hostel community for accommodations. 

Low-cost street food is easy to find by the riverside and at the weekend markets at East Street Northshore. A great way to see the Brisbane skyline and have views of the Story Bridge is the City Hopper ferries rather than paying for an expensive tour. Another great place to get good views for cheap or free is Mr. Coot-Tha, which has an awesome looking out. There are also botanical gardens to explore along the lower ridges. 

On hot days Brisbane has free pools and swimming spots. There are kid-friendly options like Streets Beach, Orion Lagoon, and Enoggera Dam. For more natural swimming experiences there are Rocky Hole, Kondalilla Falls or Albany Creek. 

Madeira, Portugal

Scenic view at the Câmara de Lobos, Madeira island
Câmara de Lobos, Madeira island, Portugal

These Portuguese islands have stunning Atlantic coastlines with Funchal being a fun and affordable city to visit. Hostels offer great budget accommodation options. There are a lot of free activities like hiking and canyon tours. Waterfall chasing is an absolute must. Food is also surprisingly affordable even restaurants generally offer set menus at reasonable prices.    

Funchal is one of the cheapest places to fly if you know where to look for flights. I would love to recommend a couple of airlines to look at but the truth is. Madeira requires some creative flight booking (trust me it’s worth it). Basically, the best way to get a good deal is to get to London Gatwick or Stansted on the cheapest flight you can find and then use a European discount airline like easyJet or Ryanair directly to Funchal. Personally, I prefer to go through Gatwick but sometimes the flights to Stansted are just too good a deal to pass up.  

Here are some tips on how to get a decent night’s Sleep in Economy Class on your way across the Atlantic.

San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Overlooking view of the San Jose village in Mexico
San Jose village, from the top of a mountain, in Gata Cape Natural Park

There are lots of options for cheap flights with Spirit, United Airlines, Aeromexico, and Alaska Airlines all running frequent flights to this airport. Affordable hotels and resort packages make a little research and preplanning worthwhile. The cheapest places tend to book up quickly so it’s worth booking early to get good deals.

Gorgeous beaches abound so you won’t have any trouble finding one that suits you. The main square of San Jose itself is a vibrant mix of local artist stalls, food, and shops. It’s a great place for people watching and looking for souvenirs, not to mention the beautiful and historic Parroquia San Jose. Another free thing to do while in San Jose is to explore San Jose’s Estuary and Bird Sanctuary. This is an easy way to experience the beautiful and unique local flora and fauna. 

Singapore, Singapore

People enjoying their foods at the Chinatown Food Street in Singapore
Chinatown Food Street, famous Hawker Centre on Smith Street, Singapore (photo: DerekTeo / Shutterstock)

It is very easy to find good deals with more affordable airlines like United Airlines, EVA Air or Asiana Airlines. But what makes Singapore one of the cheapest places to fly is the plethora of options for flights, particularly from the west coast like Qatar, Cathay, and China Airlines.  

There are lots of cheap places to stay in Singapore like hostels and budget hotels. As far as attractions Singapore has tons of free sites and cultural experiences. You can take a walk around the famous Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay. You can also eat some of the world’s best street food at one of the hawker centers dotted around the city.  


That’s it! I hope this list of 37 cheapest places to fly helps inspire your next adventure.